Domestic plastering for seaside Portarlington ranch


Our team of talented domestic plasterers recently completed this project in the picturesque town of Portarlington, helping make the home owners dreams of copious amounts of natural light and plastering work that accentuates the full-length windows and surrounding view a reality.

The house was originally designed and built by home owners Steve and Lydia, high on the hill at Pt Arlington; commanding one of the best views on the Bellarine. Steve and Lydia purchased the property 8 years ago with plans approved at the time.

Upon commencement they realized the house was actually designed pointing the wrong way. Which meant that they were missing out on some spectacular views that surrounded the home. Steve, a structural engineer by trade, stood the massive 3 level frame up with the help of his dad, which was a massive task.

The brief from the client was to make the internal linings square, with straight lines to accentuate windows and doors. Our team installed reveals to all the windows and doors, and also used Axiom door jambs to every door opening and robes to create this aesthetic.

This home has a steel structure,with steel stud walls and a steel concealed grid system. This home really is a mammoth on a hill!

But it was worth every little day of hard work, to help play a part in bringing Steve and Lydia’s dream home to life. Steve and Lydia are extremely proud of the finished product and their house and we are just as proud to have been involved in the process.

Not only have we had the chance to work on this fantastic project, we have also met some great people that we now consider friends – it really is a win-win!

Some of the products used for this project include:

  • Knauf plasterboard
  • Knauf metal studs, battens and suspension systems
  • Knauf thermal and acoustic insulation.

For all of your domestic plastering needs in Portarlington get in contact with the team at Palmers Plaster, we would be happy to assist with your next project!