Suspended ceilings, Geelong

In addition to offering a full selection of commercial and domestic plastering services in Geelong, we are also able to install, repair or refurbish suspended ceilings of many different types.

Commonly found in shops, offices and refurbished residences, a suspended ceiling is fitted some way below the top of the room space. This allows the passage of pipes, air con, cabling and similar between the suspended ceiling and the original ceiling. A suspended ceiling often looks more attractive than the original ceiling and may also result in reduced energy bills, as there is less room space to heat.

Solid or tiled suspended ceilings

Depending on the look and function that you want from your ceiling, there are a number of different options to chose from. As well as providing either a plasterboard or a tiled ceiling, we can also add in features such as bulkheads, access panels and more. Our service includes everything from initial information gathering, planning and design through to sourcing appropriate materials, installation and making sure that the ceiling is performing as it should.

Suspended ceilings for Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula and Werribee District projects

Our company is located in Geelong, enabling us to service properties across the city and out as far as the trendy coastal buildings on the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula, Werribee and surround Districs. We are able to work with both commercial and residential customers, installing ceilings which comply with all relevant building regulations. Our ceilings are made of fire retardant materials, in line with health & safety guidance.

Professional team available for your suspended ceilings

We have the capacity to successfully complete ceilings of all shapes and sizes. Using a wide range of materials, we can create a customised ceiling that’s exactly what you need for your building. If required, we can also repair or refurbish an existing ceiling, restoring it to an attractive, functional structure. Our team are also go-to insulation installers in Geelong for both commercial and domestic properties.