Insulation installation, Geelong

With new rules being enforced and changed regularly a home is not complete without a 6 star insulation rating, which Palmers Plaster are always up to date with.

Insulation doesn’t just assist with temperature regulation, it can also insulate against noise: reduced noise transfer is sometimes essential to health & safety law compliance – why risk a fine when insulation could solve the problem?

The benefits of appropriate insulation are numerous: homes and companies experience a reduction in their energy bills once they’ve invested in suitable insulation, as the desired internal temperature remains steady for longer; insulation can also help to regulate condensation – a common problem that can be difficult to solve.

Why not let us install suitable insulation at the same time as plastering your premises? Our Geelong-based domestic plasterers frequently install insulation in homes as part of their plastering service.

Experienced insulation installers

We are a highly experienced plastering and insulation company with a team of domestic and commercial plasterers that have serviced the Geelong area for over a century. With an emphasis on delivering high-quality plastering for local businesses, we provide a complete solution to almost every plastering project. Installing insulation at the same time as getting your plastering done minimises disruption, ensures that work doesn’t have to be repeated and can be significantly cheaper than getting the two jobs done separately.

Top-quality insulation materials

When it comes to insulation installation, we believe that it’s important to offer great value without ever reducing the quality of the service that we provide. We source high-grade insulation at a competitive price, passing the savings on to our customers so that they get the results they need at a reasonable cost. If you’re not clear on the type of insulation that’s going to be right for your property or aren’t aware of the relevant building regulations as they relate to insulation, let us know and we’ll be happy to advise on what’s going to be most suitable for your project.

Insulation installation can be done alongside your plastering work

Getting your insulation done at the same time as your plastering means not having to face the disruption of having insulation installed at a later date. Contact us about our range of insulation options and the money you can save by insulating and plastering as part of the same project. Please note that we do not offer insulation installation as a stand alone service.