Plaster products, Geelong

An ornate cornice or ceiling panel can provide the perfect finishing touch to a room.

We are an established domestic and commercial plastering company based in Geelong that’s been providing a range of plastering services to homeowners, landlords and commercial enterprises since the late 1800s.

As part of the range of plastering options which we offer, we give customers the opportunity to enjoy decorative plasterwork through the installation of ornamental features. We have also successfully added cornices, arches and similar to properties on the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, transforming the look of ceilings and walls.

We will find an ornament to suit your decor

Our decorative plaster features are sourced from a selection of premium suppliers, each of whom we trust to deliver the high-grade products our customers deserve. If you tell us the type of feature you want, we will locate something that’s going to meet your requirements, then provide expert installation to ensure it looks amazing. Our features can be used in both commercial and residential buildings, so whether you want to give a hotel room or office an engaging plaster feature, or want ceilings in your home that stand out for all the right reasons, we can help.

High-quality, ornate cornices and arch ways

Our features are available in an enormous variety of different designs. From simple, linear patterns through to curlicues, flowers or similar, we can find you a feature that’s appropriate for a particular location. As well as sourcing and installing ornamental plaster, we are also happy to provide design guidance.

In addition to consideration of how the finished piece will look, there are also practical matters to take account of, such as the load bearing capacity of a wall or ceiling, the likelihood of the feature being exposed to wear and tear, colours, what else will be mounted on the feature (if anything) and the budget.

We want your plaster features to look amazing, which is why we source with care and fit using expert craftsmanship and a high level of attention to detail.

Also ask us about our domestic plastering service for Geelong and beyond.